We have made securities inside chat anyone who wants to see your broadcast he or she has to take your permission.For Your security reason always try to untick the .this will make your cam private. and If you are doing video chat with peoples in public with other members has to grant permision from you first.And you can see who is watching you and how many peoples are watching you.If you find more number of peoples watching your broadcast than you granted access to,then immediately close the chat and restart the chat for your safety.Always have an eye in the left side user panel along with your name eye is visible or not if yes this means your stream is being viewd by others.
YES! - Even if you are in a pivate room or the user says they are not recording you. You wont even know if they are recording you or not. Imagine that someone can just point a camcorder at their computer screen to record you. You can ALWAYS be recorded.Always switch off your cam after you done with your video chat!!!
NO NEVER! - Giving out your contact information is a dangerous thing to do. Even if you think you know who the person is, they can be pretending to be someone else.
NO NO NO!! - It is extremely dangerous to meet someone in real life that youhave only talked to on the computer. If a user of minglcafe asks to meet you in real life, IMMEDIATELY close the web browser and do not contact that user again. If they try to contact you further, IGNORE THEM. Always remember tobe skeptical of users. People will often impersonate someone else by showing a recorded video. Sometimes people ask the person to "hold up 3 fingers" to prove that the person on camera is really who they say they are.
Please contact us at support@minglcafe.com - Make sure you include the room name and descirption (if any) in question as well as any other important information you want to give us to track the violation. Reporting a room does not guarantee that it will be closed.Minglcafe administrator will administer. Final decision is of minglcafe administrator.
Guys and Gals of all ages are allowed. Never break the rules and policy of minglcafe.com!!!
Please email support@minglcafe.com with what is happening and be as specific as you can.
Contact us at support@minglcafe.com.

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